Regency-Era & ECD Workshop on July 24-26 will be a delightful experience!

Aylwen and John - LuccaTwo experts in the realm of Regency-Era and English Country Dance are going to teach a workshop at the IFCC July 24-26, 2015. Experts in any field may often intimidate their peers and students, but that doesn’t need to be a worry with John and Aylwen Gardiner-Garden.

In an email on June 27, John had encouraging words for one of our dancers, and for anyone who may be concerned about “catching on quickly enough”:

“(Dancers) will find (themselves) in a very different situation with us. We won’t be assuming any familiarity with the dances we lead, will be teaching dances from scratch in the workshops and refreshing people on them and calling them during the ball, so everyone will feel comfortable with everything we introduce. It’s also the case that we will be enjoying some of the real dances enjoyed in the Regency period, not just repackaging some of the usual north-American favoured-ECD repertoire from a 100 years earlier for the purpose, so although people who love ECD will love what they find us offering on the weekend, the list of dances we plan is unlikely to mean much to them. Best plan would be to just to plan to come without fear to the whole weekend, workshops and all, and I guarantee (dancers) will have a wonderful time.

I might also add that I have lots of experience in teaching groups with mixed degrees of familiarity in the style / repertoire being tasted, and love nothing more than bringing all on together, and if (dancers) are keen on having notes after the weekend when all the dance instructions will make more sense, I’ll happily email them a list of all the dances we actually did in the order we did them and with pointer to the relevant book of mine.

I hope a reply along these lines is helpful and encouraging,

Warmest regards, John.